Moving towards a more socially sustainable dairy system: Public attitudes to dairy system in Brazil

Animal welfare is a field of animal science that focuses on evaluating and bettering animal lives by investigating biological functioning, affective states, and ability to live naturally. Animal welfare is a measure that is emerging as a key social concern in animal agriculture and as a result, is becoming more prevalent in industry practices. Nonetheless, there is a significant disconnect between public expectations of animal welfare in dairy farming and actual practices that are occurring. If consumers continue to hold animal welfare in high esteem in dairy production and if the Brazilian dairy industry doesn’t change their practices to meet consumer expectations, the dairy industry may be regarded negatively by the public. To avoid such reaction, the Brazilian dairy industry should engage in discussion with the public to initiate a clear path towards establishing methods of care that correspond with public desires. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Marina von Keyserlingk


Emilie McConnachie



Food science



University of British Columbia



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