Multi-Gbps Serializer/Deserializer Research in CMOS


This project will focus on very high‐speed communication along electrical links. Key to these links are the integrated circuits required to serialize and deserialize many parallel data streams into a single data stream at rates exceeding 1 Gb/s (i.e. SerDes). We will collaboratively explore the signal processing and circuits required to perform these implement SerDes robustly in the presence of noise and channel impairments. This is a key challenge in Synopsys’ business, which actively develops and sells SerDes I.P. out of its office in Mississauga, Ontario. Synopsys needs access to research and innovation in this area to maintain its leadership position in the industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tony Chan Carusone


Kevin Banovic


Synopsys Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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