Multiparametric Analysis of Brain & Lung Imaging from COVID-19 Patients

The intern will participate in NEUROCOVID19, a project studying how the COVID-19 virus can potentially infect and damage the brain. The intern will develop methods for analyzing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain and of the lung, as acquired from people who are no longer infected, and people who were never infected. The intern will also develop new MRI methods for enhanced imaging of brain areas that are damaged by COVID-19 infection. This work will help raise awareness – among physicians, scientists and the lay public – of the possibility of brain infection, and will help affected individuals to seek appropriate healthcare. By working on this project, the intern will receive training towards becoming a Siemens MRI support scientist. By the end of the work term, Siemens will be able to consider whether the intern is suitable to fill any positions in MRI research support that are available.

Faculty Supervisor:

Simon James Graham


Aravinthan Jegatheesan


Siemens Canada


Engineering - biomedical



University of Toronto


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