Navigation and Control of Drones over 5G networks: Enhanced Communication, Adaptive Control and Drone Swarm Collision Avoidance

The current generation of cellular networks, i.e., 4G, made possible multimedia applications such as music and video streaming in the palm of your hand. The upcoming generation of cellular networks, i.e., 5G, enables new types of applications beyond what 4G offered such as augmented virtual reality, Internet of Things, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, connected health equipment and connected industrial robots. Communications with drones are expected to be one of the important applications of 5G networks. With 5G, pilots maintain communications with drones across arbitrarily large distances over the cellular network. This is a little revolution, a significant technological advancement and an enabler for drone applications that need wide geographical area coverage such as the delivery of parcels or medical supplies. The interns involved in this project are trained in this burgeoning field together with the worldwide 5G equipment leader Ericsson.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michel Barbeau;Ramy Gohary;Evangelos Kranakis;loannis Lambadaris;Howard Schwartz


Fatemeh Banaeizadeh;Aizaz Chaudry;Pravallika Katragunta;Nicholas Perez;Felipe Santos;Mohammad Tayefe Ramezanlou


Ericsson Canada


Computer science




Carleton University



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