NMR analysis of the enzymatically produced propylene glycol mono- and di- esters of canola oil

Emulsifiers as multifunctional additives can develop low-caloric, high-quality foods. Beside the monoacylglycerols (MAGs), or mixtures with diacylglycerols (DAGs), propylene glycol (1,2-propanediol) esters (PGEs) are the commonly used emulsifiers in the food industry. Emulsifiers are currently produced using costly and environmentally unfriendly “enzyme in solvent” systems and also have some shortcomings in certain food applications. This research will determine the feasibility of a novel method of PGEs manufacture-enzymatic catalysis in supercritical carbon dioxide-using canola oil, which we propose will be a cost effective and “green” solution to current solvent systems and will allow for improved health and food product formulation attributes compared to current options in the marketplace. NMR analysis of the PGEs which are produced in supercritical CO2 (SCCO2) as a low temperature technology is the focus of this study. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Martin Scanlon


Nazanin Vafaei


Canola Council of Canada


Food science






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