Optimization of new hydrophobic pulp on conventional pulp moulding machines

Moulded pulp, is a packaging material, made from recycled papers. It is used for protective packaging such as egg packaging, fruit trays and coffee cup carriers. For many applications moulded pulp is less expensive and environmentally friendly than plastics and styrofoams, however, due to their high water absorption and low strength, these products are limited to only few packaging products. Biobinder, a biobased binder, has been developed from University of Toronto to imparts water repellency and improves the strength of moulded pulp products. By using biobinder for manufacturing moulded pulp products, it is not only making fully biobased waterproof packaging products but also savings in materials cost. The proposed research will create jobs at forest-based sectors and will result in overall economic growth by expending the advantage of the new products in packaging industry including horticultural industry, food packaging and hospital disposable containers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohini Sain


Javad Sameni


Pulp Moulded Products


Engineering - other


Advanced manufacturing




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