Optimization of Oat Beverage Process Conditions for Nutrients Recovery

The demand for plant-based beverages by consumers continue to increase due to their sustainability and health benefits. Oat is one of the most promising cereals and seeds to prepare functional plant-based beverage since oat has high amount of dietary fibres and good quality proteins. Earth’s Own is one of the biggest oat beverage producers in Canada and even North America, but more research efforts are needed to increase the nutrient recovery and improve the oat beverage sensory profiles for more competitive products at home and abroad. To the end, the effects of process conditions (such as grain-to-water ratio, mechanical forces, and enzyme levels) on the nutrient recovery and sensory profiles will be understood. This fundamental knowledge will provide valuable guidance to the oat beverage production. The findings of this research could be used to create industrial guidelines that will be used in other companies in Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lingyun Chen


Jingqi Yang


Earth's Own Food Group


Food science




University of Alberta



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