Optimizing inter-device interaction in Drone-Aided Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (DA-MANET) for Humanitarian Mission deployment

Every year, people suffer the consequences natural disasters descend upon them. When these unfortunate events occur, emergency response teams are deployed and need to deal with a multitude of challenges. In this scenario, the communication infrastructure is a key element that can contribute to the success of the mission. Considering the case of a Drone-Aided Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (DA-MANET), where devices such as drones and cell phones are available, it is imperative to investigate how their interaction must occur in a way to optimize the humanitarian mission. In this context several aspects need to be considered, such as device placement, energy consumption, overall network throughput, fairness between connections, and balance in use of short- and long-range connections. In this project we propose the creation of an optimization framework that deals with the multiobjective exploration for this specific type of network aiming to improve its performance for humanitarian mission deployment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gabriela Nicolescu


Alexandra Aguiar


Humanitas Solutions


Computer science


Aerospace and defense




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