Passages and A/V Performance


Passages and A/V Performances are two sets of art installations that will be prepared for a series of electronic art and music festivals in both the United States and Canada. Passages is the first in a series of installations surrounding Malcolm Levy (of Hybridity Media)’s Other Frames work, developing it in an interactive context. The second series of installations starts with Play Jazz – an interactive music performance installation that allows audience members to create music through a motion-based interface at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival in 2012. These two series of installations are focused on developing both performer and audience interactivity in an art installation context; exploring what interactive technologies can provide the installation medium in terms of both realism and abstraction and developing dynamic content creation tools to accommodate performer and audience input. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Richard Smith


Matthew Marshall


Hybridity Media


Interactive arts and technology


Digital media


Simon Fraser University



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