Physiological Assessment and Analysis of the Physical Demand of Riding a Snowmobile

The purpose of the present study is to evaluate scientifically the physical demand associated with the safe operation of a snowmobile under typical (normal) riding conditions experienced by North American snowmobilers. We will quantify the physical demand of snowmobile riding and compare this to national recommendations for the promotion of health and fitness, as well as other comparable sports. The mission of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations is dedicated to provide safe, organized and responsible snowmobiling in Canada. The partner organization and its members believe that snowmobiling may play a role in a healthy active lifestyle, but evidence as to the legitimacy of this claim are lacking. Such evidence could also prove important for provincial and federal government allocations and decisions regarding things such as land-use, tax credits and funding. As such, the partner will benefit from the generation of objective scientific data about their sport.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jamie Burr


Tania Pereira


Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations


Food science


Life sciences


University of Guelph



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