Plant level implementation of a model for real time tracking and control of composition changes to steel, slag and inclusions during ladle processing – Part 2

The Ladle Metallurgy Furnace is used for adjustment of chemical composition and temperature, and control of tiny particles called “inclusions”. Controlling inclusions is carried out by adding calcium to modify the solid alumina or magnesium aluminate inclusions to less harmful liquid inclusions.
During ladle process, reaction of top slag, steel and inclusions occur simultaneously. Therefore, establishing a model to describe ladle process is indeed a challenge. The author developed a model to predict the chemical composition changes in molten steel, slag, and evolution of inclusions in the ladle during Ca treatment. The result of calculations was found to agree well with industrial heat data. The objective is to calibrate the model for the ladle used in the KOBM stream at ArcelorMittal Dofasco.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kenneth Coley


Yousef Tabatabaei




Engineering - other




McMaster University



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