Portable Medical Grade EEG Headset Functional Improvement

Epilepsy affects an estimated 50 million people worldwide. These people can experience unexpected seizures that make it dangerous for them to engage in everyday activities like driving and walking. A portable wireless neuro-monitoring headset prototype that is worn on the head has been developed by Avertus Inc. to address this issue. The headset is designed to read brain waves, and, through a wireless connection to a cell phone, warn the wearer when the device identifies brain activity that is characteristic with an oncoming seizure. Improvements to the functionality of the headset are required to help improve its accuracy of seizure prediction. Contact impedance detection will be implemented to detect when the headset is not properly fitted; which will prevent the software from mistaking a weak connection with a potential seizure. Faster hardware and software will be implemented to increase the rate of information collection.TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Jan Andrysek


Becky Ng


Avertus Inc


Engineering - biomedical


Medical devices




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