Production of animal feed using Methylophilus methylotrophus

This project aims to identify an efficient fermentation strategy that will enable Cvictus to generate a protein-rich animal feed using methanol as the nutrient source. The key advantage of the production platform proposed by Cvictus is the use of a proprietary technology that can convert coal to methanol with ultra-low CO2 emissions. Initial research in this project will examine an advanced fermentation system that will facilitate growth of high-density cultures, leading to improved productivity relative to existing fermentation approaches. Furthermore, the animal feed generated in these studies will be assessed for protein and amino acid content to determine their nutritional attributes. Finally, downstream processing of the animal feed will be studied to examine their effect on the nutritional value of the final product. Taken together, the proposed research will strengthen the environmental benefits and economics for the integrated production platform of Cvictus.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Bressler;Stanford Blade


Jie Wang;Mushafau Oke


Cvictus Inc.


Food science




University of Alberta



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