Production of polyurethane rigid foams using biobased polyols for insulation (part 2)

Thermal insulation of buildings and storages reduces the energy consumption for heating. Polyurethane foams are one of the efficient material for insulation. Currently, polyurethane foam industries use raw materials derived from petroleum. This research project aim to replace some of petrochemical-based materials used in polyurethane foam with biobased materials. This can reduce the dependency on petroleum oil and create new market for biobased materials. The development of biobased polyurethane foam is a challenging exercise. The foam formula contain several chemicals (> 8 chemicals) which work together in a complex way to form foam structure. The development of a foam that can meet the requirements, regulated by the local or national organisation, requires expertise, research, and performing many experiments and evaluation to find the right combination of chemicals. This will be undertaken by the intern. This project benefits partner organization by the development of new product and create new market for its existing products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jonathan Curtis


Mohammad Tavassoli Kafrani


Quantum Chemical


Food science


Environmental industry




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