Pulse Positive: An educational campaign to increase awareness and consumption by integrating pulses into Elementary Schools

Saskatchewan is among the largest producer and exporter of pulses to various countries across the globe. However, pulses are not widely consumed in Canada. In Canada, the variety of pulse-based products is limited compared to those made from other legumes such as soybeans or from cereal grains. Consumers, including young children, will consume newly developed pulse-based products and ingredients if these are introduced into their diets. The project seeks to increase the demand for pulse by focusing on increasing pulse awareness and consumption among elementary school children and their caregivers in selected elementary schools in Saskatchewan. This will be achieved through a school-wide campaign and trainings targeting students, their caregivers and school teachers. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Carol Henry


Hiwot Haileslassie


Saskatchewan Pulse Growers


Food science






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