Real-time Transcription and Knowledge Extraction of Video Consults

Dialogue is Canada’s leading telemedicine provider, founded to improve well-being by using technology to deliver excellent care. Dialogue is a pioneer of virtual health care dedicated exclusively to organizations that want to improve the health and well-being of their members and families. We provide effective health solutions through outstanding health care experiences and a focus on patient safety.
The project consists of the following:
Build a production application that will be able to do real-time transcription of the video consultations in Dialogue’s systems (video and EMR).
Build a knowledge extraction model (entities and intents) that is run against this real-time transcription to structure the data, filter it and store it in the proper section of the EMR.

Faculty Supervisor:

Siva Reddy


Raed Abdo


Dialogue Technologies Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


McGill University



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