Redesign of a commercial across-breed genetic evaluation system and in-silico investigations of resulting system performance and flexibility.

Genetic improvement is core to the long-term productivity and viability of all livestock industries. A review of crossbred genetic evaluation methods and approaches for national and international genetic improvement programs will determine the necessary improvements to make to AgSights’ genetic evaluation system (GES). Research will be conducted on hardware, software packages and statistical methods best suited to achieve these improvements. Research results that will be used to redevelop AgSights’ GES. New types of information captured on-farm will be researched and simulated, including the use of DNA information, determining the preparedness and feasibility of the new AgSights GES at meeting emerging beef industry needs. Upon completion AgSights will provide a new GES with improved performance and flexibility, broadening their potential market. The Canadian beef industry will benefit through access to a GES capable of managing existing and novel beef cattle information from a variety of breed make-ups, resulting in increased animal genetic improvement and increased productivity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Angela Canovas


Kristin Lee


Agricultural Insights Alliance


Food science




University of Guelph



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