Saccade Concussion Diagnosis System

The underlying technology will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze oculomotor (eye movement) data to learn and extract human translatable features/symptoms of concussion. The software is computationally light-weight that is capable of running on portable hardware with minimal computational power. The intern will examine the system’s commercialization by conducting interviews with potential customers and identifying the additional critical features needed by end-users. The intern will also research a potential decision-making framework that will help end-users determine if additional medical attention is required. The research project will provide a complete working beta prototype that the partner organization can demo to potential customers. A business plan will also be provided to the partner organization to outline the communization of the saccadic concussion diagnosis system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alireza Sadeghian


Alex Dela Cruz


Incubate Innovate Network of Canada


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Ryerson University


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