Safe and Smooth Path Planning for Autonomous Robot Navigation

Clearpath Robotics has developed an accurate GPS navigation system that enables autonomous robots to move in outdoor environments. However, to move toward a target location and avoid obstacles along the path, a path planner is required. The objective of this project is to develop, tune and modify an efficient path planner for the robot in order to make it capable of moving in outdoor environments, then, the performance of the path planner and GPS navigation system will be checked by extensive real-world experiments. The outcome of this project is a well-tested autonomous robot which can move in an environment smoothly and safely. Therefore, it can replace humans in the dangerous working areas and can be used for remote sensing. Also, the partner organization will get a presentation proving the robot’s performance for marketing purposes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nasser Lashgarian Azad


Sina Alighanbari


Clearpath Robotics


Engineering - other





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