Safe Harbour for Military, Veteran and Family Health Research Data

The Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR), affiliated research partners at universities across Canada, and IBM Canada Ltd. have identified a significant and universal issue facing health researchers that applies to Canadian military, Veteran and family health (MVFH) research and health research for the Canadian population at large. Comprehensive and complete medical records for any given population are generally not available for research purposes due to the access challenges and strict privacy protection practices that are necessarily enforced by the organizations that store and maintain these health databases. This project proposes to explore a safe harbour environment that includes secure data extraction and linking components and that adheres to the strict policies that protect the access to the source data while facilitating creation of properly de-identified linked datasets from different sources to facilitate more complete future MVFH research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Patrick Martin


Mohamed Rakha


IBM Canada


Computer science


Medical devices




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