Scalability of an autonomous trading platform

This project will build on the work previously completed in the Mitacs project done by Dr. Michael Bauer, Omid Mola and Cyborg Trading Systems (CTS) – Integration of an Autonomous Trading Platform. The previous project formed the foundation of developing an autonomic system in an algorithmic trading application. The initial project was successful in determining that an autonomic system could be implemented by utilizing CTS’s proprietary framework. An initial prototype system was developed which issues a notification with a change of state in the system when certain conditions occur based on the policies developed. CTS’ algorithmic trading environment is a dynamically changing, real-time and fault tolerant system due to the nature of the application. As a result of the environment, there are a vast number of variables and policies as well as hardware that must be considered in developing an autonomic system for this application. This next project will focus on narrowing in on the relevant policies and conditions that need to be incorporated in order to ensure the prototype autonomic management system can be further developed. This would provide Cyborg a highly dynamic and flexible trading engine and a competitive advantage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michael Bauer


Omid Mola


Cyborg Trading Systems


Computer science


Finance, insurance and business


Western University



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