Simulation of food delivery network

The order volume forecasting problem involves the simulation of at least three entities of the food delivery business. There are many variables that affect those entities and complex non-linear interactions among them that can be measured by KPIs. An accurate forecast allows the restaurants to be better prepared and give more precise food preparation and food delivery time predictions. Consequently, this makes the customer happier and increases the whole business efficiency as both restaurants and couriers will have more work to do. The objective of this project proposal is to develop such simulator from time series that have been collected by SkipTheDishes in the last 4 years, regarding aggregated measures from thousands of restaurants and couriers, and millions of customers. The simulator will help the company to develop better strategies aiming at improving the business efficiency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ekram Hossain


Angelo Ivan Vera-Rivera




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and cultural industries


University of Manitoba



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