State-of-Charge Display Device for Disposable Batteries

In the last ten years the market for mobile devices and portable electronics has never ceased to grow, creating a rising demand for batteries. However it is practically impossible for consumers to identify their actual state-of-charge leading to the disposal of still viable batteries. In the past battery manufacturers have developed “on-board” testers allowing consumers to gauge the charge but these indicators have been discontinued due to their lack of reliability and their active feature discharging the battery while in use. Relying on its P-ink platform, Opalux will develop the next generation of “on-board” battery tester. By incorporating electrically active polymer these materials allow colour changes while being subjected to different voltages without consuming current. In this project the fellow in collaboration with Opalux will develop “passive” indicators based on thin and flexible devices “wrappable” onto batteries that will provide clear and reliable information for the consumer on the state-of-charge. The program will extend from the design of materials reaching technology requirements all the way to engineering of scale-up routes for industrialization allowing Opalux to target the global and growing battery market.

Faculty Supervisor:

D.r Geoffrey Ozin


Romain Perrier-Cornet


Opalux Inc.




Consumer goods


University of Toronto



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