Sterilization of Foie Gras – Demonstration of Safety and Stability under Minimal Processing Conditions

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the adequacy of mild thermal processes (Fo ~1 min) for meeting the requirements for commercial sterility of foie gras in cans or jars. It was previously demonstrated that the sensitivity of thermal destruction of microbial spores increases with an increase in FFA concentration. The proposed project will be focused on the safety and stability of the product under industrial processing conditions. The study would encompass the following: incorporate a characterized surrogate (C. supergenes) at a high concentration level into foie gras in the can or the jar, establish an equivalent thermal process and demonstrate deliverance of the desired degree of sterility. In this study selected spore formers will be incorporated into fois gras, contained in small pouches/pans/simulated particles and placed in the central regions of test cans, and are given processes equivalent to different Fo values. The survivors will determine the level of severity of the process and incubation tests will determine the stability of the product, storage studies will indicate stability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hosahalli Ramaswamy


Nikhil Hiremath


Aurpal Inc.


Food science


Consumer goods


McGill University



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