Structural and Thermal Analysis of an Insulated EPP Wall Panel System Design

Factory-built structural insulated panels are used for off-site building construction to minimize the labour needed for construction framing, which aims to save construction time and improve the quality of the installation. The panels, instead of using wood or steel framing, are the structural support for walls. Although the insulated panels provide structure, additional reinforcements are needed in order for the panels to be used on a multi-storey residential building. Using numerical simulations, this research investigates the predicted locations where the addition of such reinforcements would promote excessive heat loss through the walls which leads to increased energy consumption for the host building. The structural design of the panels would then be revised in the aim of minimizing heat loss. The partner organization is focused on developing energy efficient construction products and the outcomes of this research would provide insight to further improve and develop the proposed insulated panels in consideration of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zaiyi Liao


Claire Tam


Blue Valley Building Corporation


Architecture and design


Construction and infrastructure


Ryerson University



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