Structural modeling for glycosaminoglycan/peptide complexes

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are biological anchors for growth factors (GF) and other chemical substances. The binding of these substances to GAGs can be modified in times of need. For example during wound healing the increased number of GAGs in the injured areas enables a very localized increase in growth factors and chemokines necessary for wound healing. It appears that the orchestration of initial inflammation, tissue repair and scar formation in would healing is a result of a well-directed feedback between the tissues and the circulating GF. The tissue need for GF is aided by a local increase in specific GAGs to which these GF preferentially bind. This project will explore the forces that determine the specificity of peptide binding to GAGs, in order to develop therapies that act locally and prevent undesired toxicities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jack Tuszynski


Rajeev Jaundoo;Sahar Arbabimoghadam


CSTS Health Care


Engineering - biomedical




University of Alberta



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