Supercritical carbon dioxide processing for the production and standardization of isoflavone extracts from red clover

This project aims at investigating the use of the eco-friendly solvent, supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCO2), alone or in combination with ethanol and water, to obtain extracts rich in isoflavones from red clover plant. Firstly, SCCO2 will be used for obtaining extracts containing a high concentration of isoflavones. Then, SCCO2 will be applied to the extracts at different experimental conditions to concentrate and obtain fractions with a higher isoflavone purity. Finally, selected fractions will be encapsulated in liposomes using SCCO2 to improve the incorporation of isoflavones in water-based formulations. Sinoveda Inc., the partner organization, has determined the concentration and specific ratios of different isoflavones to obtain an effective functional product. The successful completion of this project will pave the way for the elaboration of products targeting post-menopausal osteoporosis by means of sustainable processes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Feral Temelli


David Villanueva Bermejo


SinoVeda Canada Inc.


Food science



University of Alberta


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