The ‘classical’ charango: applied cross-genre integrations in European Art Music

The charango is a small guitar like instrument iconic to Andean music of South America. Like many other instruments the charango has travelled to other cultural environments. However, even in these circumstances the charango has for the most part not become a significant presence in other musics. In this practice-based research project, I will introduce the charango into an international European art music context to examine the process of genre-crossing in the creation new musical spaces. How can the charango integrate its folkloric ‘voice’ and tradition into the language of classical (European art) music in modern times? What is the effect on musicians and audiences? What bridges can be created in the performance of a ‘classical’ charango and what are their implications in cross-cultural scenarios? In this applied research project, I will bring together previously separated music-worlds and inspire fresh insights into music-making across real and imagined divides.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Deaville


Heather Horak








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