The Acquisition of Music Reading Skills in Novice Students

Music reading is a very challenging and frustrating aspect of learning music that often leads to the cessation of lessons in the early stages of music learning. Despite this, there has been very little experimental research to understand the music reading process. To address this need, we will administer a group of cognitive and music reading tests to young novice piano students. The results of this project will form groundwork for a much-needed understanding of the music reading process, which in turn will enhance our understanding the most effective approaches in teaching this skill. This internship will be of great benefit to the intern (PhD student in the same research area), the partner (a music school which will gain valuable insight into their student reading skills and teaching effectiveness) and society at large (increasing the population of those who will succeed in their pursuit of musicianship).

Faculty Supervisor:

Gilles Comeau


Meganne Woronchak


Merriam School of Music








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