The Effect of Degenerative Spine Disease on Neuromuscular Pain and Function

Despite its growing prevalence of chronic musculoskeletal disease in society, its cause is still poorly understood. Emerging research suggests that degenerative spine disease may be an important facilitator to the development of chronic inflammatory musculoskeletal disease. We aim to investigate the effect of degenerative spine disease on muscle inflammation, pain and dysfunction by using an animal model of experimentally induced spine osteoarthritis. The findings of this research have important implications to the partner organization (Ontario Chiropractic Association) as it will inform future basic research validating the important role of advancing spine treatment and prevention strategies and/or policies in the long term management of chronic musculoskeletal disease.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Srbely


Kayla Fewster


Ontario Chiropractic Association


Food science


Other services (except public administration)


University of Guelph



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