Thiocyanate Leaching of Gold

Cyanide is a chemical used in the dissolution of gold. It is highly toxic and environmentally unfriendly but cheap and highly efficient. In Canada, more than 90% of the gold mines uses cyanide in its operation, however, the toxicity of cyanide after some serious cyanide accidents has raised the alarm for consideration of an alternative leaching reagent with low toxicity and can be environmentally safe. Moreover, apart from its toxicity, there are certain classes of gold and silver ores (i.e., carbonaceous, pyritic. arsenical, manganiferous, cuperferous) that are considered refractory to conventional cyanidation. The Goldcorp coffee deposit is a high-grade potential open pit and heap leach development project that could grow into a large district scale operation. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

David Dreisinger


Roselyn Sarpomah


Goldcorp Inc.


Engineering - other





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