Translation of recent evidence on the effect of sugars on cardiometabolic health

The proposed project includes 2 objectives: (1) provision of high quality evidence on the effect of specific food sources of sugars on cardiometabolic risk factors by conducting multiple systematic reviews and meta-analyses (SRMAs), to address the effect of replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with either diet pop or water in a randomized controlled clinical trial, and to analyze and report national data from StatsCan on current sugars consumption, and (2) efforts to translate the evidence from these studies both directly to the public and indirectly through communications to clinicians and public policy makers, in addition to developing training programs on how to conduct high quality SRMAs in nutrition research. The partnership will focus on the development of better translation strategies which are greatly needed to convey important messages directly from the scientific literature and not to allow misinterpreted results from the media to be a central avenue of information for the public. A main goal of the Canadian Sugar Institute (CSI) is to provide science-based Nutrition Information. Through this partnership, CSI will benefit from the tremendous expertise of the intern in conducting SRMAs, allowing CSI to provide more accurate and clear information on the role of sugars in the diet to health.

Faculty Supervisor:

John L Sievenpiper


Laura Chiavaroli


Canadian Sugar Institute


Food science





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