Translational Research in Visual Analytics for Personalized Health

Personalized health is increasingly gaining public attention in the media as the future of healthcare. Personalized health is the idea that medical treatment will be tailored to the individual based on their predicted response or risks of disease. Omics analysis, defined as the universal detection of different classes of biological molecules, has the potential to direct personalized health delivery and enhance lifestyle changes, such as changes in diet and exercise habits, that may prevent disease development. We will use data mining to gather and link lifestyle changes with appropriate changes in biological molecules and enhance our interactive platform to dynamically display this information. We will use visual analytics strategies to convey complex biologically data and analyze how physicians interpret this data to enhance decision-making in their consultations. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Fisher


Theresa Schroder


Molecular You Corporation


Food science


Information and communications technologies




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