Ulkatcho integrated resource utilization and business planning

The Ulkatcho First Nation is being empowered by the provincial government to take more control over its socio and economic affairs. One critical parts of the transitioning is for the Ulkatcho First Nation to manage their forest resources and operate forest related, manufacturing and energy businesses. The Yun Ka Whu’ten Development LP will be an active participant in their economic future, particularly in the area of forest land management, energy planning, community development and the manufacturing of wood and non-wood products. The transitioning for Ulkatcho community is a huge challenge and the purpose of this applied research project is to assist them with a set of ‘assessments’ of the key priority topics identified by their community and business leaders. The research can be classified into three main areas: land and resource management, business planning and regional economic development. The proposed topics include: Mountain caribou conservation design, mushroom growth analysis and wild food business, Chinese wood market analysis, product and corporate branding, wood pellet production, infrastructure analysis and logistics planning, bioenergy strategy and a deep sea port feasibility study.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gary Bull


Fattane Nadimi


Yun Ka Whu'ten Holdings Ltd.




Management of companies and enterprises


University of British Columbia



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