Understanding the performance of pulse and cereal flours of varying particle sizes at high heating temperatures using Rapid Visco Analyzer 4800

In this project, the intern (Dr. Dong-Jin Lee; Postdoctoral Fellow) will work at the University of Saskatchewan and at the R&D facility of our industry partners ? Pulse Crops (Canada) Association and PerkinElmer Health Sciences Canada Inc. ? to control the milling processes of selected Canadian pulse and cereal crops to prepare “fine”, “medium”, and “coarse” flours and then measure the functional properties of the obtained flours. Most importantly, the pasting and gelling performance of the pulse and cereal flours of varying particle sizes will be evaluated over cooking temperatures of 95-140°C. Our collaborative research will lead to new knowledge and technologies meaningful for creating new flour ingredients from Canadian pulses and cereals for more diverse food applications, especially in high-temperature food processing (e.g., canning, extrusion, and jet-cooking). Furthermore, the new findings will be valuable for the agri-food sector to explore the possibility of including Rapid Visco Analyzer 4800 to support their ingredient innovation efforts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yongfeng Ai


Dong-Jin Lee


Pulse Canada


Food science


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Saskatchewan



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