Understanding the regulation of specialized metabolite accumulation in hop plants (Humulus lupulus)

Hops (Humulus lupulus) flowers are most famous for imparting the bitter taste and aroma to beer. Hop flowers produce essential oils that contain many different plant compounds, which impart the characteristic taste and aroma of hop plants. However, how the production of these oils is regulated is not fully understood. The establishment of the craft beer industry, which is also rapidly expanding throughout North America and the world, is spurring renewed interest and investment in local hop agriculture. South-western British Columbia, particularly the Fraser Valley and Okanagan regions are excellent areas for hop agriculture. The research outlined in this proposal will support the identification of the genetic factors and environmental conditions that promote the production of high quality hop flowers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Simone Castellarin


Jonathan (Jay) Martiniuk


BioCan Technologies Inc


Food science






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