Understanding the Rise of the Right: A Podcast Series

The surge of radical right wing movements is one of the defining characteristics of this political moment, and it has the potential for the most grave repercussions. To date, little critical research about the ideational foundations of modern far right movements and the danger they pose has been effectively mobilized to the public. Our project seeks to reverse this trend by integrating the intern’s ongoing PhD research into a knowledge mobilization (KMb) framework developed by our industry partner Cited Media Productions (CMP), who produce award- winning research-based radio documentaries of the highest calibre. By participating in our project, the intern will simultaneously advance his original PhD research while maximizing its public impact through a widely distributed five-part radio documentary mini-series produced in collaboration with CMP.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ronald Beiner


Tim Berk


Cited Media Productions Ltd


Political science


Information and cultural industries


University of Toronto



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