Use of Mobile ADCPs towards 4-D flow mapping at the FORCE tidal stream site

The complex, turbulent features of fast-flowing tidal currents at the FORCE tidal energy site in Minas Passage make it difficult to accurately measure, model and predict the hydrographic features of the flow. But, these flow predictions are critical to effectively assessing the impact of tidal stream energy on marine life. This project aims to improve the understanding eddies, waves, wakes and other flow features at the FORCE site. Working with members of Acadia and Dalhousie as well as community rightsholders, the project will integrate data from a suite of measurement devices, including acoustic receivers and marine radar data, to map the tidal flow in four-dimensions. The result will be a flow atlas that can be correlated to studies of marine life and used to develop fish-turbine encounter models.

Faculty Supervisor:

Richard Karsten;Alex Hay


Lilli Enders


Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy


Statistics / Actuarial sciences


Professional, scientific and technical services



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