Use of pulp mill residues as construction and geotechnical materials

Heat and electricity generation from biomass combustion in power boilers and co-generation plants produces large quantities of ash residues in British Columbia (BC) each year. In 2013, approximately two thirds of the produced ash were landfilled in Canada and only the remaining one third beneficially utilized. On the other hand, high-quality construction materials are rare in many parts of the world, and most often engineers are forced to seek alternatives to reach the stipulated requirements. In addition, road maintenance operations in BC are often costly, but by formulating a suitable additive to the problematic sites can reduce the cost and allay the need of further maintenance. There are innumerable problems associated with engineering constructions on the problematic soil deposits in BC; for example, soft, collapsible and organic soils. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Sumi Siddiqua


Chinchu Cherian




Engineering - other


Alternative energy




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