Wide Area Measurement Based Robust Damping Controllers for Power Systems with Embedded Power Electronic Devices

This research will investigate Wide Area Measurement based controllers for improving stability in systems with HVDC and FACTS devices embedded in AC networks. The approach will extend the candidate’s Ph.D. research which introduced a new method that is always able to guarantee improved damping of all modes in the face wide changes in the network. The approach will lead to controller designs which are robust against configuration or operating point changes, or communication loss. Small signal analysis using simplified and manageable models of the network will be carried out for designing controllers to improve damping of electromechanical swing modes of the network. Validation will be conducted using Electromagnetic Transients Simulation. An automated design tool will be developed so that an engineer can easily design and implement such controllers. This research will benefit the industry sponsor MHI to supply its clients with a superior product for network modeling and stability solutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Aniruddha Gole


Prashant Agnihotri


Manitoba Hydro


Engineering - computer / electrical






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