Wireless Architectures for Smart Networked Toys

Cistel Technology Inc. is a progressive information technology (IT) services company with a long-standing relationship in the high tech sector and the Federal Government. This internship proposal has both a research and a development component. The research component will concentrate on accessing methods under the IEEE 805.15 protocol that will be used in the prototypes of the smart wireless toys. The access part involves both scheduling of the nodes (toys) in order to interact in an efficient well-controlled manner, and also issues on interference at the physical layer. The intern will conduct research on scheduling algorithms using basic mathematics from queuing theory. Regarding the interference, the intern plans to use a hybrid technique that involves both direct sequence spread spectrum in combination with a slow frequency hopping scheme. The development portion of the project involves software that has to enable the communication among smart wireless nodes (toys) and their connectivity to Internet for upgrades and reconfiguration.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ioannis Lambadaris


Abdallah Ismail


Cistel Technology Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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