A Place to Reflect and For Every Second in Time

A Place to Reflect and For Every Second in Time are a pair of interactive art installations that will make use of projection technology and interactivity. A Place to Reflect will debut at Nuit Blanche contemporary arts festival in Toronto and For Every Second in Time is slated for Toronto in 2012. Through the development of these two projects, Hybridity Media will research and develop projection mapping and interactivity through sensor-based technologies like Microsoft Kinect in an installation setting; allowing for new artistic visions enabled through new forms of audience engagement. This project will develop techniques for accomplishing these goals, using the two projects as case studies for further development and innovation in the art installation environment, allowing Hybridity to better fulfill its mandate to bridge emerging digital art practices. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Richard Smith


Matthew Marshall


Hybridity Media


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Media and communications


Simon Fraser University



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