An Analysis of Participatory Politics in Canada: Emerging strategies in media-based organizing

As young people increasingly move away from institutionally-driven “dutiful citizenship” (Bennett, 2008), political participation is no longer only defined by voting in elections, volunteering with civic associations and town hall meetings but increasingly manifests through participatory politics – peer-based acts like citizen journalism, podcasting, video production, art projects, tech-based activities, digital activism and lifestyle politics (vegetarianism, localism, boycotting). These approaches are expanding the boundaries civil society through new forms of citizenship. Indeed, as civic engagement shifts toward greater use of networked and mobile communication, there is an increasing demand among government agencies, non-profits, labour groups, and businesses for research into how participatory politics is being used to empower citizens and make government more accessible and accountable. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Stuart Poyntz


Tara Mahoney


Apathy is Boring


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Digital media




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