Analysis of the Community Scholars Program for United Way of the Lower Mainland and Simon Fraser University Library

The project will evaluate the Community Scholars Program (CSP) to promote program sustainability, growth and further development. The CSP provides free research database access for 500 community organizations in British Columbia and is a partnership between United Way of the Lower Mainland, Mindset Social Innovation Foundation, and the SFU Library. Now in its second phase, the program was created in 2016 to address the problem of access to research outside of the academic community. While academics in Canada and around the world are studying social problems and possible solutions, their findings are published in peer-reviewed journals that typically require expensive subscriptions that the vast majority of the more than 170,000 non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada cannot afford. (

Faculty Supervisor:

Juan Pablo Alperin


Andrea Whiteley


United Way of the Lower Mainland


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Health care and social assistance


Simon Fraser University



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