Between free market and national regulation: Chinese telecommunications and Internet policy in post-WTO era

My research project examines the regulation of China’s Internet telecommunication sectors in the post-WTO era. It situates the current state of regulation (media ownership, competition,foreign-direct-investment, and content controls) against the historical development of Chinese telecommunication and internet industries. Using two case studies to illustrate contradictions and problems in regulating national internet and telecommunication service in an increasingly globalized market, this project looks at how media regulations are tangled in conflicting and converging political and economic interests. The study of how Chinese internet and telecommunication regulation accommodates the Central Communist Party’s political goal while harnessing the economic benefits of the internet is significant because internet and telecom policies do not only have a direct baring on free speech, democratic communication, but also on international trade and economic development. This study will provide key insights on the role of high technology in China’s rise in the changing global political and economic order.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tokunbo Ojo


Lianrui Jia



Journalism / Media studies and communication



York University


Globalink Research Award

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