British Columbia – A History

British Columbia – A History is a 4-part documentary television series and an interactive online historical timeline of the past 150+ years of BC history that will be comprised of interviews, archives and news research that will explore methods of historical recreation and knowledge production by incorporating an inclusive and multi-narrative approach to major historical events in the recent past and during the formation of the province, for Knowledge Network.

Through purposeful, deep archival and historical news research interns will learn how to scrutinize materials for an inclusive and pluralistic approach to dig up nuanced representations that fully represent our complex and interwoven cultural histories in Western Canada. Interns will also develop a comprehensive database design with easily searchable metatags, an easily designed interface of the web portal, written content and curation of pluralistic resources in each of the individual chapters of the episodes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kathryn Gretsinger;Peter Klein


Amanda (Mandi) Ray;Emma Metcalfe Hurst;Laura Margaret Krueger;Leah Siegal;Francesca Magnoni;Esther Sentoso;Hans Ongsansoy;Benjamin Mussett


1871 Productions Inc.


Journalism / Media studies and communication




University of British Columbia



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