Challenge for Change (C4C) Listening Projects

Building on Canada’s rich history as a participatory media producer, the project partners aim to use the democratic power and potential of media to help build a stronger, more inclusive Canada by creating opportunities for Canadians to talk and especially listen to each other: one-on-one, with friends, mothers, daughters, neighbours and strangers. In partnership with Challenge for Change (C4C), a national non-profit organization, facilitators will reach out to a number of cities, towns, communities and individuals across the country to host a series of ‘listening events’ and offer workshops on interviewing, audio recording and storytelling. With community support, they will encourage, facilitate and share these conversations in a variety of languages, formats and mediums. Conversations and deep listening are at the heart of this collaborative program evaluation. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Susan Harada


Karissa Gall


C4C Canada


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Digital media




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