Cleantech in Canada: Prospects and Challenges

The purpose of the project is to identify the barriers to cleantech adoption, the role and effect of the government on the cleantech industry, and, in essence, understand whether or not the recent surge in venture capitalist investment and economic activity is potentially only a temporary aberration. Through iterative research and assistance from an advisory team, the internship will develop answers to which clients seek answers. The intern will present a preliminary report of our finding to a broader group of industry experts, whose feedback will further develop the results, to be synthesized in a final report thereafter. The research results will benefit GCI Canada’s effort to be a source of knowledge on cleantech issues, grow clientele, and be a partner in advancing cleantech research and innovation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kernaghan Webb


Randy Cruz


GCI Canada


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Alternative energy


Ryerson University



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