COVID-19 Grocery Response NDG

Grocery Response NDG is a grocery ordering and delivery program for seniors 70+ who are confined to their homes during the pandemic. The project is a joint initiative of Concordia University (Ageing + Communication + Technologies – ACT) and New Hope Seniors Centre. The Québec response to the COVID-19 pandemic requires seniors 70 and over to self-isolate Seniors with limited or no social networks and no access to the Internet are especially at risk. The intern for this project is working to set up a telephone line that is accessible to seniors, work with a team of volunteers who take their grocery orders and relay it to a partnered Provigo grocery store. The store then delivers the groceries to isolated seniors.This project offers a friendly check-in and remote shopping experience for the senior at the same time as it provides support to existing grocery stores and their employees. The project has three main goals: To help reduce the infection rate among older adults and supporting seniors in their self-isolation measures; To enable seniors to access food safely during the pandemic; To build and share approaches and tools that can be used to support similar actions in various locations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kim Sawchuk


Nicole Fornelli;Andrea Tremblay


New Hope Senior Citizens’ Centre


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Health care and social assistance


Concordia University



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