Creating a Participatory Online Resource on Canadian Music

The aim of this project is to research and develop a user]generated, participatory online resource focused exclusively on Canadian music and Canadian musicians, using wiki software. The advent of participatory online media has empowered citizens to become creators of content. This project will research the value of user]generated content in general, and specifically through wiki social software, within Canadafs public broadcasting system. It will enable CBC Radio 3 to remain at the forefront of offering innovative and distinctive Canadian content, consistent with its mission to promote national culture by using emerging technologies to reach Canadians, particularly younger audiences. The project will help strengthen the relationship between audiences, artists, and the CBC through collaboration, interaction, and the creation of knowledge. The goal is to reflect the richness and diversity of the countryfs musical scene through a collaborative wiki produced by Canadians for Canadians, contributing to a shared consciousness and identify.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Alfred Hermida


Amanda Ash




Journalism / Media studies and communication


Media and communications


University of British Columbia



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